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Terms And Conditions


  1. If any contact details change from the original registration form it is my responsibility to ensure I have emailed Cara to let her know.
  2. If my child is suffering with an injury it is my responsibility to make the teacher aware.
  3. If any medical conditions change with my child it is my responsibility to talk to the teacher about this either in person, phone or email.


  1. Fees are to be paid at the 1st lesson of every calendar month unless otherwise agreed with Cara. The payment is worked out on weekly fees multiplied by the amount of weeks in that month.
  2. New Starters will have up to 6weeks to choose the pay as you go option before paying monthly.
  3. Fees can be paid by cash (in a named envelope), cheque (to The One School of Dance), or by bank transfer using your child’s name as the reference followed by the word fees.
  4. Unfortunately classes will still need to be paid for if your child misses a week, this will keep their place on the register and hopefully encourage regular attendance from all, to aid class and student progression.
  5. We do have holiday allowance though, so each year you have two weeks in which you can chose to be absent in term time and not pay, so please let us know a month in advance when you wish to take these by filling in a holiday request form and then this will amend your invoice for the following month where classes will be missed.
  6. £5 late fees will be applied to the following months invoice if you have failed to pay the previous months, if this is a reoccurring situation, we have the right to suspend your child’s place until payment is made.
  7. Classes will not run in school holidays unless stated otherwise, (if we’re in need of an extra practice in the lead up to an exam or show etc), and these will be option pay as you go sessions.
  8. Any additional goods/services (uniform/ tickets/ exam fees) need to be paid for on the same day as receiving these goods/services.

Duty of care, safety, conduct & responsibility

  1. The One School of Dance provides for the safety and care of students whilst on the premises, ensuring acts of omissions do not cause reasonable foreseeable injury to students, we will attempt to minimise any risk of personal injury within practical boundaries, however all students and guardians acknowledge that while every care and safety measure will be taken, there is an inherent risk of personal injury in physical activities that will be undertaken as part of the programme and accept that risk.
  2. Onsite there will always be a qualified teacher, a safeguarding officer and a first aider to hand and all staff and children will understand our fire procedure.
  3. Personal belongings are the child’s own responsibility and items with a high value (phones/tablets etc) should not be brought to dance, if any items such as bags, coats, uniforms were to be damaged or lost it is not of the responsibility of The One School of Dance.

Class changes

  1. The timetable will have a change around from time to time, which means your child’s class is subject to change times and potentially even days, but we will communicate with you about this giving you plenty of notice and try our hardest to accommodate you where possible.
  2. Should your child wish to add on classes or drop classes, please email to discuss this, a months’ notice is required (we will try and add classes quicker where possible).
  3. In the regrettable situation of a child no longer able to attend dance classes, a months’ notice is to be given via email.
  4. Should a teacher be unwell, we will endeavour to sort a cover teacher out, if for some reason we cannot and have to cancel, or have to cancel due to extreme weather conditions or the hall being out of use, we will credit your following months invoice.