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Ballet is like dreaming on your feet.
Class Information
COVID-19 Timetable

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, our classes are all in bubbles so we aren’t accepting any walk in’s. If you wish to visit us or find out some more information such as the classes that would be age appropriate for your child please get in touch. For more information please refer to our Covid 19 statement.

Entrance 1Entrance 2
5.20-6.20pm Meerkats (Jazz & Street) 5.20-5.50pm Frogs (Street)
Entrance 1Entrance 2
4.00- 4.30pm Penguins (Dance)
4.15-5.15pm Turtles (Jazz & Street)
4.45-5.45pm Butterflies (Ballet & Tap)
5.30-6.30pm Leopards (Jazz & Street)
Entrance 1Entrance 2
4.10-5.10pm Monkeys (Dance)
5.20pm-6.20pm Leopards (Ballet & Tap)
5.30-6.30pm Turtles (Ballet & Tap)
6.25-6.45pm Private Lesson
Class Fees (per week)
Please read the welcome letter in regards to monthly payments
Tinies Dance (30mins) £3
All Boys (30mins) £3
Ballet, tap, Modern (1 hour) £6
Street Dance (30mins) £3
1 x syllabus class - ballet, tap or modern (30mins) £3
OFFER- All 3 syllabus classes £7.50

Uniforms may be purchased from

Please feel free to browse their website and then you may contact us for prices.